The Need to Define Need: Urgency


Now, I’ll talk about the fourth element of need definition, urgency.

Urgent needs are those that make you come right up out of your chair when you read or hear about them and start demanding that they be addressed. Think about this. What really gets your blood boiling?

For me, knowing children are being neglected or abused is a hot button. For my wife, it is the abuse of women and children. For you, it may be something else entirely. We all know our own hot buttons.

The universal truth here is that a need that presents itself without a sense of urgency is a need that will go un-addressed.

In all the campaigns I have managed or consulted on, when the element of urgency was missing, NOTHING could overcome this deficiency.

This is one reason (as you’ll learn later on) that case statements need testing. After ten or fifteen people read and review an early draft of a case statement and register no sense of URGENCY, I stop testing and go back to my client for serious redrafting.

You see, urgency is something that creates a “fire in the belly” reaction in other people. This means they become agitated, maybe even angry, by what they learn. In the best cases, they are moved to tears.

If you don’t get these kinds of reactions, STOP, and then ask, “Why not?” Before trying to advance one step further, you must re-frame and re-write your case statement to raise the level of urgency.

Trust me on this. The level of urgency in your need definition says tons about your potential to be successful in raising money.