John C. Shimer
Author, Philanthropist, Fundraising Coach

What do you see when you scan the jumble of letters above?
Your answer is either: Opportunity is no where! Or, Opportunity is now here!

I am a fundraising teacher and coach. After thirty-three years of fundraising management and consulting and ten years giving away money as a philanthropist, I can say with certainty that the way you interpret this jumble of letters determines whether this day will be a good day or a bad day.

Attitude is super-important to your success in anything you do. But attitude is NOT everything. Knowledge counts, too

You can improve your chances of having a good fundraising day if you have real knowledge about what you are doing. That’s why I’m sharing my fundraising secrets with anyone visiting this site. I want to give you the best possible chance of making everyday a good day if you have fundraising responsibilities.

Why Knowledge Makes a Difference

If you are responsible for serious fundraising of between $200,000 and $20,000,000, how will you succeed without real knowledge? This kind of money is only available to those who know what they’re doing. This kind of money comes only from “major gift fundraising” using the secrets of human motivation and community organization known to professionals who practice these secrets everyday.

Why I’m Telling What I know
Fundraising consultants are expensive. Most receive $1,000 to $2,000 a day (plus expenses) to help organize fundraising campaigns. How many higher-purpose projects go wanting because they can’t afford consulting help? I’ve coached many and seen them thrive using the knowledge you’ll receive on this site. But I’m not just an expert on major gift fundraising, I’m also a philanthropist. And the secrets I’m sharing here are my final gifts to men and women pursuing-higher purpose projects.

What You’ll Learn on This Site

1. You’ll learn about my recent book, Turn Right At The Dancing Cow and how I’ve revealed there the ten relationship principles that can guide you to success with your own higher purpose project.

2. You’ll discover how to transfer your white-hot passion for your project into the hearts and minds of others who can write checks to support that project by using a donor engagement process I call “The Farmer’s Paradigm.”

3. You’ll learn about the Angels Among Us Project, inspired by the example of one human angel from Seattle whose story is revealed in Turn Right At The Dancing Cow.

4.  You’ll be invited to become an “Angel Seeker” and help seek out human angels across America and tell their stories.